Ok, where do I start ...

Lets start with my love for animals and why animals/pets are important to me. I have a cat, and the reason he is special to me is because he is true. He doesn't care if I am tall or short, handsome or ugly, rich or poor, fat or skinny or anything else physically related to me other than what I bring emotionally. The exterior is not even a thought for him, not that he is all that bright anyways, but he is true, like all pets. Okay, you are probably thinking, "Oh boy, someone with hang ups". Hahaha, well, be honest with yourself, how happy are you with your exterior? An absolute perfect 10? Maybe a physical flaw here or there? The phrase "never judge a book by it's cover" has great value. How many truly amazing stories get un-read because of that "cover". I am not the ugliest person in the world, but I sure give him a run for the money.

So what makes me tick? Who and what I? Well a few things are ULTRA critical to/for me and in no particular order ...

HONESTY: Oh yeah, I am honest to a fault. Honesty probably gets me in more trouble than I care to think or talk about. I can not explain my hatred for liars. Maybe it has to do with being cheated on a few times but lies are a quick and permanent deal breaker for me. If you can look a person in the eye that you have/had feelings for and lie outright, than a major part of that foundation is damaged or destroyed. I am not talking about a little sweet/white lie, like being off a few pounds on your weight or fudging your age a few years. It is always easier to remember the truth than it is a lie. I would rather get hurt by the truth than destroyed by a lie.

HUMOUR: Okay, I love laughing and having fun. I can not remember the last time I was in a bad mood. I don't wake up grumpy or foul or needing my coffee fix in the morning before I can welcome the world. A good laugh is better than a bad cry anyday. Life is way too short to take it seriously. I can come up with a witty response to most things when I am happy and free. Grumpy people miss out on all of lifes beauty, fun and experiences. No thank you. Humour brings smiles and joy and that is a rarity nowadays. I live by the motto "I might get older, but I will never grow up".

COMMUNICATION: This is a HUGE thing with me. I am NOT a mind reader nor do I have a crystal ball to look into. Thanks to facebook, smart phones and computers, people can't communicate anymore, not to mention spell. I do not live within any electronic devices. I believe people have to talk and talk about anything and everything, whether it is in the kitchen, bedroom, living room or anywhere else for that matter. Explain your thoughts and feelings so that people can understand you better. Draw pictures if you have to, but people have to express themselves to be understood and accepted. Funny how this is short compared to other comments. Ironic?

INTIMACY: This too is very important to me, hey, i am a guy!!! Funny how all the profiles never touch on this topic. Intimacy/sex is what separates friends/people from relationships (at least to/for me). It is the ultimate personal gift a person can give/receive. When you remove all the layers in front of another person it HAS to have value and meaning. It is one thing to be "easy to get" and another to be open and free in a relationship. There is a huge difference between being shy and being frozen solid. Yes, day to day routines are all too typical in todays race for survival, but intimacy is the one bond that glues the relationship together because it is the one thing you ONLY do/share with that person.

EQUALITY: This is a simple but deep river. It is simple in that BOTH are equal. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Equality is being a team together and not about being a single player apart. No one should have control or power over another. Like the says goes "Who wears the pants in a relationship?" The answer is "no one", hehe.

LOYALTY: Why is this one so fucking difficult for people remember? Oh yeah, I do know the 4 letters words pretty well. I just love people who pipe up about "un-conditional love". Huh? Love, or relationships, are loaded with conditions. No intimacy with another person, EVER. No holding hands, kissing or testing the mattress springs with someone else. We expect loyalty, respect, honesty, trust, commitment, dedication and a whole range of other conditions. If these aren't conditions than I need therapy. (Probably need it anyways).

PRIVATE: I have always been very private and this rings a deep and silent bell. There is a difference between shy and private!!! I am like "Las Vegas", what happens with me stays with me. I don't go shooting off my relationship with others. I don't pass on "Keep this to yourself" to others. I have many layers that peel away with time, trust, respect and commitment. Trust and respect have to be earned and not just given away meaningless. I joke and play around probably more than most when I am comfortable, but some things are PRIVATE. It is not a secret if you share it with others.

TRUST: Ever blindfold another person or yourself? I don't mean in naughty sense, sheesh, get your mind out of the gutter (but only for a minute). That is blind trust, letting go of all that you are and giving that trust to another person. That is the trust level few are willing to give or accept.

LOVE: I swear that word gets dropped more than the F-bomb.

GENERAL: Okay, so now you know a little about me. I say a little, because what you read was just the tip of my iceberg, hmmm, did that sound right? A small portion visible/available, the rest hidden to be explored and discovered...conquered? So far, everything here is about my inner being. I truly am an interior person and maybe one day I will tell you a story or two about that. Age, plastic surgery and gravity can change the exterior.

I am SINGLE and do not play games regarding feelings, emotions or relationships. That is just plain cruel and no one deserves that. Just because I don't answer the phone at 3 in the morning is more because I need my beauty sleep and not because I am not available to talk. I am looking for a relationship, long-term. One that shows growth, promise and a future. A woman that has deep emotions, passion, feelings and character qualities and morals. A person willing to take a risk or chance. I really don't care about looks, money, status symbols. A person that feels and cares and is willing to lower any wall, remove any border and soar free and high like an eagle to reach a limitless horizon. A person dedicated and loyal and willing to communicate and explore. One that knows right from wrong. If this sounds interesting, send me an email but please understand a few things. I will not send you a picture of me and also, I do not want a picture of you. If things click and work out and their is mutual interest, we can meet for a coffee after numerous emails back and forth. Then go back to emailing and meeting. As time progresses, less emails and more meeting. I am in no rush!!!

I have intentionally left many things out that other people feel are important. I simply can not limit possibilities due to things you have no control over. Age, colour, religion, finances, appearance, status, disabilities or anything else. Character brings respect, respect brings feelings/emotions and feelings bring romance. Yes, I would prefer someone older than 30 because a person is usually mentally setup by that age. I am no Saint or choir boy by any means, but I do have morals, ethics and feelings. And that is my foundation.

Honestly, because there are no pictures, I do not see many people writing me. That is something I can live with.

Thank you for reading this far. Please take care and good luck finding what your heart and soul need and want.